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Drawing the Color Line - From a Peoples History of the United States

The Harder the Struggle the More Glorious the Victory - Smash Turkish Invaders and FSA scum in Afrin

The Eight Youths Incident at Guangdong University of Technology has caused a public uproar : Mao still speaks to the Youth of China

The recent arrest and manhunt of eight youths for participating in a [Marxist] reading session at Guangdong University of Technology (GUT) caused a major public uproar. 

Numerous students and other people have expressed solidarity with the youths and called for justice.'

The severe handling and the public response to the “Eight Youths” Incident are unheard of. 

The incident has yet to be publicly confirmed by the police since their intrusion of the reading session on November 15th, 2017. Zhang, Sun, Zheng, and Ye are bailed from remand while the other four youths are still wanted.

On 15 November, two youths taking part in a leftist reading circle at Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, were arrested by police on the ridiculous pretext of “illegal business operations”. 

This was later changed to “gathering crowds to disturb social order”, a very common charge against worker activists and others. 

Half a month later, two organisers of the reading group were detained on the same charge. 

Four other participants are still wanted by the police.
At least seven of the eight youth are Maoist comrades.

Three staff members from a well-known labour NGO in Guangdong were sentenced to harsh prison terms in 2016

So the growing number of young leftists, representing the radicalisation of the Chinese masses, and their attempts to propagandise Maoism as contemporary Marxism, seems very dangerous to the CCP whose rule is based on “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”.


Afrin : According to SDF the fighting continues on five fronts and Turkish army bombarded several villages damaging homes.

According to SDF the fighting continues on five fronts and Turkish army bombarded several villages damaging homes.


In Shera front fighting emerged around Dikmedash village between SDF and invading forces. Chema village was targeted by the Turkish army.

Heavy fighting was reported around Deraqliya and Carinceke villages on Saturday night.


In Jindires district Turkish artillery targeted Dewa and Til Silor villages from Saturday night until the early hours of Sunday.

Locals report that SDF fighters targeted Turkish military positions around Axcele village but no information could be obtained about the results of the action.


Turkish warplanes bombed the area around Sheikhorze village and Turkish artillery hit the villages and SDF positions along the border.


In Afrin city center Turkish army launched an artillery attack at 23h00. Surrounding villages were targeted as well as the city center.

Aaj Bazar Mein -- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Professor G N Saibaba reminds us of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in his poetic letter to us all on 7th February 2018 from Nagpur Jail 

I am living on the margins of life.
My pain, a voiceless song,
my being a nameless mote.
If only my pain could speak,
I’d know who I am.
And if myself could find its essence,
I’d unravel the mystery of this world.
If I could seize this hidden mystery,
my silence would find expression

(Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is amongst the most famous poets of last century. Faiz, who was hounoured by Lenin Peace Prize in 1963, was seldom subjected to arrests by the right-wing pro-imperialist military regimes of Pakistan. 

Once, during the dictatorship of General Zia-ul-Haq, he was arrested and taken to the police station in front of the public. In this context, he wrote 'Aaj Bazar mein'

Aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chalo
aaj bazaar main pa bajolan chalo
let us walk in bazaar in shackles
Chashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin
wet eyes and restless soul is not enough
Tohmat-e-ishq-posheeda kafi nahin
being charged for nurturing concealed love is not enough
aaj bazaar main pa-bajolan chalo
let us walk in bazaar in shackles
Dast afshan chalo, mast-o-raqsan chalo
let us go with afshan in hand, in trance and dancing
Khak bar sar chalo, khoon badaman chalo
go with dust on head and blood on garb
Rah takta hai sub shehr-e-janaan chalo
Go as the city of my beloved is waiting
Hakim-e-shehr bhi, majma-e-aam bhi
City’s ruler and crowd of commoners
Teer-e-ilzam bhi, sang-e-dushnam bhi
arrow of false charge, stone of accusation
Subh-e-nashaad bhi, roz-e-naakaam bhi
morning of sorrow, day of failure
Unka dum-saaz apnay siwa kaun hai
who is their friend except me
Shehr-e-janaan main ab baa-sifa kaun hai
who is untainted in the city of beloved
Dast-e-qatil kay shayan raha kaun hai
who deserve the killers or executioners hand
Rakht-e-dil bandh lo, dil figaro chalo
get ready for the journey of heart, go wounded heart
Phir hameen qatl ho aain yaro chalo
let me go to be executed





US Propose to slap 53% Tariff on South Korean Steel while North Korean media argue for resumption of inter Korean Exchanges

The United States thinks its South Korean running dog has got off the leash and must be punished with 53% tariffs on Steel.

Are we faced with a new crisis engineered by US to bring down South Korean Economy as in Asian Financial Crash in 1997.

Meanwhile North Korea is trying to normalize relations with South Korea.

Will 2018 see the South Korean running dog be put back on its chain or will it run loose ?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

G N Saibaba - India's greatest Son at the beginning of 21st Century writes from Nagpur Jail

India - Saibaba - Political Prisoner

7th February 2018.

A letter to dear students and my fellow teachers,
I dream of being in my classroom
day and night fettered behind
the strong iron beams
of my tiny solitary prison cell
I see you, talk to you
and hug you by the force
of my frail land challenged life
in my unchained mind’s eye
as the desire for freedom
flows through the sinews
and veins of my blood stream
even as I am caged
far away from you
Teaching is my forte’,
breath and life, you know
I embraced literature 
for it clasps us with
our troubled histories,
philosophies and economics
of pangs of pain, tears,
fears and hopes
for a bright new day
The cage of lies,
seditious clauses
and conspitorial confabulations
confine and keep me away
from your intimate and critical
engagement with knowledge
and warm affection for the liberty
of the trampled earth.

Dear friends,

I have lived all my conscious life on the campuses of learning and teaching in search of knowledge, love and freedom. In the course of this search, I learnt that freedom for a few was no freedom. I began to study histories, philosophies and literatures with more eagerness and critical engagement. 

That led me to look around myself closely. I travelled across and met people living in sub-human conditions. I realised that they never tasted freedom very much like me. I understood that castes and freedom can never co-exist. I began to speak to myself. Then I slowly started to speak to my fellow beings on my journey. I grasped of a great void of silence around me. 

I saw a society of silence. I dashed myself against the boulders of silence. I brutally wounded myself. A vast majority of the multitudes have never been allowed to break their silence. Centuries of silence solidified in our lives below the high and barren rocks of argumentative India. I desired to break the prison house of silence. I struggled within myself. The rocks were hard to move. I realised that I carried within myself our silent society. It wasn’t an easy journey.

It was such a long journey, strenuous and painful. Eventually, I thought I gathered a voice myself. I wanted my fellow beings also to have a voice of their own so that we could converse. In the process, my voice gradually began to emerge. I bewildered to see that my voice was heard. After some time, my voice even started to rise a bit. Then, suddenly fell an axen on my throat. My voice was silenced in one stroke.

Friends, today, I reel under excruciating pain relentlessly. The closure of my voice within me exploded my crippled body from each of my organ. One after the other, my organs started bursting. The silence within me explodes into shooting pain. My vocal cords acquired lesion making my voice a thin and inaudible shrill. My heart broke with Hypertrophic cardiomayopathy. 

My brain has started having blackouts with a condition called syncope. My kidneys are silted with pebbles; gallbladder gathered stones and pancreas grew a tail of pain called pancreatitis. Nerve lines in my left shoulder broke under the conditions of my arrest, named as brachial plexopathy. More and more organs of silence replaced the original. I have been living with explosive and shooting pain day in and day out.

I am living on the margins of life.
My pain, a voiceless song,
my being a nameless mote.
If only my pain could speak,
I’d know who I am.
And if myself could find its essence,
I’d unravel the mystery of this world.
If I could seize this hidden mystery,
my silence would find expression
(Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

Eleven long months have passed. I continue to languish under the brutal conditions of incarceration without any relief. I am forced to live without any human dignity and bodily integrity. 

The conditions under which I am living have reduced me to sub-human and inhuman levels. You think of the crime attributed to me: I have lived for freedom, I have tried to find the voice of the voiceless and I tried to find my voice. I wrote about them, I spoke about them, those my fellow beings who are not allowed to have the voice of their own for centuries. This is my crime. 

Degrading my body and mind is not simply removing humanity from me alone, it is an act of dehumanising our entire society; our civilizational existence.

I hope none of you feel sympathetic to my condition. I don’t believe in sympathy, I only believe in solidarity. I intended to tell you my story only because I believe that it is also your story. Also because I believe my freedom is your freedom.

With love and regards
G.N. Saibaba
Andacell, Central prison


Russia Debate: Kyle Kulinski verses Cenk Uygur

Democracy and Class Struggle says there is much confusion amongst US liberals about Trump and Russia and this debate above confirms it. 

Jimmy Dore issued a warning about the confusion.

Our view from the beginning is that Trump is compromised by a money trail to Russian Oligarchs which goes back decades - the Russian Government knows all  about that - but that shoe has not dropped yet in the Mueller investigation.

We felt from the beginning that Russia acting like America interfering in Elections would be politically counter productive and create more problems for Russian Diplomacy and Lavrov's work  than it would solve.

What Russia might have perceived as short term influence success is a long term nightmare.

'Trump’s threats of pre-emptive strike give N.Korea motivation to strike first' - ex-US Defense Secretary

Democracy and Class Struggle warns against any reassurance about Mattis from former US Minister of Defense and a pre emptive strike on North Korea - as Trump faces challenge to his Presidency in 2018 expect the unexpected and think the unthinkable !

Thirteen Russians charged over 2016 US election meddling

Surprise ! Surprise ! Russia does what the US does interfere around the world in other people's elections.

Also indicates that FBI and US Intelligence has deeply penetrated Russian Intelligence.

Also a lot of financial forensics tracing money - augurs a bad year for Trump.