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Alberto Garzón throws himself into the arms of the fascist and centralist state - Article by Juan Manuel Olarieta

Democracy and Class Struggle says Alberto Garzón is a remnant of PCE Carrilloism with a group inside Podemos that masqarade as communists while defending the Spanish State.

Juan Manuel Olarieta is a lawyer for comrade Arenas of PCE[R] and comrade Pablo Hasel both victims of Spanish State.

It only follows a tradition typical of the leaders of Izquierda Undida since its founding more than 30 years ago, starting with Gerardo Iglesias and with Anguita a star puppet.

They are the sequels of another tradition, the PCE, since the 1950s and, especially, their collaboration in the masking of fascism during the transition.

Despite decades of open and blatant betrayal, Alberto Garzón continues to be described as "communist" and pontificating in his last interview where you can read stupidities about the "rich and poor" and others of the caliber of "the" classes popular 'at times replace as the political subject the most classic' working class', something that fortunately or unfortunately only happens "at times," but other times not.

But above all Garzón does what he knows best: positioning himself in favor of the centralist and fascist state in the struggle of the people of Catalonia for their right to self-determination.

To this the Communist International called it "social fascism", which is the point of arrival in which reformism always ends.

Like all charlatans, Garzón confronts the working class with national rights, as if they were opposite things, to conclude that "the independence of Catalonia will not allow the popular classes to live better or emancipate themselves from capitalism," which is absolutely false.

What Garzon conceals is that Catalonia is a nation, so independence is one of so many democratic demands of the working class, the whole working class, including the Spanish working class, must not only support or sympathize, but must take charge and direct it , as any other just struggle directed against the State.

The whole effort of the social fascists, like Garzón and Izquierda Undida, is aimed precisely at preventing the working class from leading the struggle of Catalonia for its national demands, because it is precisely that, to leave it in the hands of the bourgeoisie, then accuse to the nationalist movement of "bourgeois", which for the "left" demagogues must be something like the plague.

Not only "the bourgeois" is always oblivious to "the worker" but must appear to be confronted in any circumstance. That is the short sketch that about the class struggle have in their head the types like Gazon.

Naturally, this shabby schema extends it to its notion of "internationalism" which, in the same mechanical way, considers it as opposed to "nationalism", a label distributed to a broad mass movement. In case those subjects have never traveled to Catalonia, they should see photos of the popular mobilizations that are everywhere, where the struggle has reached a scale typical of any national movement.

The social-fastidious geeks must learn that in such a broad national movement not only nationalists participate, but all of them. Or have they not yet digested that internationalism arises precisely to defend the national interests of peoples oppressed by colonialism and imperialism? What do they think was the Communist International?

Contrary to what Garzón says, the right to self-determination is not only demanded by "the richest parts". Or has it been believed that in Catalonia the "richer" parts add up to many millions of people.

Do the Social Fascists want us to believe that when Marx and Engels defended the slogan "Workers of the world, unite!" They referred to the forced union of workers of different nations within the same State ? That is all they have understood ?

In this respect, in the Marxist tradition there is no "everything" about the right of self-determination, as Garzón pretends to believe. In Catalonia the recent battle has drawn a line in the ground.

The one who does not defend self-determination is not only outside Marxism, but outside of democracy. 

Those against Catalonia are with fascism,  must be treated as such. 

There is no other label for him.

Via: Political Movement of Resistance

平和を守れ - Defend Peace (Japanese Communist Song)

Democracy and Class Struggle say the progressive forces in Japan have their work cut out in view of Japan's recent elections shift to the right and the Japanese Communist Party's support of sanctions on North Korea -  Defend Peace is a matter of urgency in Japan with the rise of Nippon Kaigi

Venezuela Elections: Why Does the Corporate Media Keep Crying Fraud?

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Catalonia -It's a coup d'etat, according to the main Catalan parties. A suspension of democracy in the whole of Spain, in the view of Podemos

EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani Defends Spanish Unity - disregards justice for Catalonia upholds Spanish Law - Catalan Republic Rising

Democracy and Class Struggle says the European Union is the enemy of justice of those 1000 people in Catalonia who were attacked by Spanish Police and needed medical assistance for merely voting - it is an enemy of the millions in Catalonia who uphold the fundamental United Nations democratic right of national self determination.

The CUP is a Catalan Independence Party with roots in the working class that did not sow democratic illusions about the EU unlike other bourgeois parties.

The Internationalist Case Against the EU - Quim Arrufat of Catalan Party CUP

There are many lessons to be learned from the current struggle in Catalonia about the class struggle for justice and democracy in Europe particularly for Sinn Fein the SNP and Plaid Cymru all democratic illusion spreaders about EU institutions.

In fact as a sign of its political illiteracy Plaid Cymru has called for a second referendum on EU showing its political blindness about events in Catalonia as they continue to spread the EU democratic illusion in face of the facts.

Article 50 and the National and Social Liberation of the British Isles by Nickglais

Friday, October 20, 2017

Kurdish tragedy: Iraqi army advances against Peshmerga towards Erbil province

Moranbong Band - "March of Rocketeers of the Republic" [English]

Korea Does What It Is Determined To Do!: 00:06 - 03:35 We Will Safeguard The Leadership of The Revolution With Desperate Courage!: 03:34 - 06:50 We Will Glorify Our Conviction of Victory!: 06:56 - 10:00 Forward, Steel-Like Division: 10:00 - 12:17 We Serve The Supreme Commander!: 12:17 - 14:34 We Shall Hold Our Bayonets More Firmly: 14:34 - 17:09 The Mt.Paektu Army Song: 17:09 - 19:45 Victorious Military Parade: 19:45 - 22:31 Song of The Kim Il Sung's Socialist Youth League: 22:31 - 24:41 Forward, Invincible Powerful Nation!: 24:41 - 27:15 From Victory To Victory: 27:15 - 31:07 Long Live The Workers Party of North Korea!: 31:07 - 34:14 The General Is Great Champion: 34:14 - 38:27 Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung!: 38:27 - 41:12 Along The Road of Uninterrupted Revolution Under The Banner of Songun: 41:12 - 43:46 The General Is Seen In The Outpost: 43:46 - 48:05 Make a Higher Leap, My Motherland!: 48:05 - 50:32 The Might of Korea: 50:32 - 54:06 Towards The Better Future!: 54:06 - 57:00 National Anthem of North Korea: 57:00 - 1:00:00

Its Happening - Spanish Direct Rule to take over of Catalan TV - Catalan Police and Presidential Powers

"Let's be realistic, do the impossible" Catalan Republic Rising remembers Che Guevara

North Korea's Letter to Australian Parliament

Democracy and Class Struggle publish the full letter from North Korea to Australian Parliament something which the newspapers have not done usually they just quote some sentences but not whole letter.

This selective quotation and spin on statements from DPRK is across the spectrum from RT to BBC and CNN.

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Full clash collision. Madrid will strip Catalonia of its self-government. And if it does, Catalonia will officially declare independence.

Spain and the Catalan Crisis by Dr Andrew Dowling

The Dr Andrew Dowling lecture shows the strengths and weaknesses of the Catalan national movement particularly its weakness in the working class unlike Scotland where the working class is more strongly represented in the national movement - it shows while the CUP  has working class support there is much work to be done to strengthen working class position in national movement and particularly in its leadership - the hesitancy of the bourgeois leadership of the Catalan Independence Movement  is self evident and the working class forces like CUP may be too weak to seize direction of the national movement hence Dr Andrew Dowling's conclusion that the Catalan National Movement lacks the strength to break with Spain at this moment in time is his personal view and not ours

Dr Andrew Dowling (School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University) is a specialist on modern and contemporary Catalonia and is the author of The Rise of Catalan Independence: Spain’s Territorial Crisis published by Routledge in December 2017. He has previously written Reconstructing the Nation: Catalonia since the Spanish Civil War (Sussex Academic Press, 2012), as well as numerous academic articles

                     Can the working class give direction to the national movement in Catalonia ?

Spanish government will meet on Saturday to trigger article 155, withdrawing Catalonia's right to self-governance

Statement in Catalan and Spanish of Solidarity with struggle in Catalonia

"L'organització Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr de Gal•les afirma que la lluita catalana és bàsicament una lluita per la democràcia contra un Estat espanyol burgès corrupte, que ha pres una forma nacional a Catalunya.

No obstant això, el lideratge nacionalista català busca subordinar a Catalunya a una Brussel•les corrupta i a la Unió Europea, no és l'alliberament nacional, sinó un simple reajustament entre els burgesos nacionals de l'Estat espanyol i d'Europa.

L'Esquerra Revolucionària de Catalunya s´ha d'oposar tant al corrupte Estat espanyol com a la corrupta Unió Europa, l'OTAN i elevar a la classe obrera al lideratge polític de la lluita nacional per la democràcia a Catalunya. La classe obrera ha de guanyar la direcció de l'alliberament nacional.
Suport a la declaració unilateral d'independència de Catalunya.


La organización Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr de Gales afirma que la lucha catalana es básicamente una lucha por la democracia contra un Estado español burgués corrupto, que ha tomado una forma nacional en Cataluña.

Sin embargo, el liderazgo nacionalista catalán busca subordinar a Cataluña a una Bruselas corrupta y a la Unión Europea, no es la liberación nacional, sino un simple reajuste entre los burgueses nacionales del Estado español y de Europa.

La Izquierda Revolucionaria de Cataluña debe oponerse tanto al corrupto Estado español como a la corrupta Unión Europa, la OTAN y elevar a la clase obrera al liderazgo político de la lucha nacional por la democracia en Cataluña. La clase obrera debe ganar la dirección de la liberación nacional.
Apoyo a la declaración unilateral de independencia de Catalunya.

Socialism and Independence

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr in Wales says the Catalan struggle is basically a struggle for democracy against a corrupt bourgeois Spanish State which has taken a national form in Catalonia.

However the bourgeois nationalist Catalan leadership seeks to subordinate Catalonia to a corrupt Brussels and the European Union - this is  not national liberation but a readjustment among the national bourgeois in the Spanish State and Europe.

The Revolutionary Left in Catalonia should oppose both the corrupt Spanish State and the corrupt European Union and NATO and elevate the working class to political leadership of the national struggle for democracy in Catalonia - the working class should win the direction of national liberation.

Support a unilateral declaration of independence


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Catalonia - The Final Countdown

Slain Maltese Journalist Had Powerful Enemies

Ken Mifsud Bonnici, a legal adviser to the European Commission, wrote that Malta was facing a “veritable collapse of the rule of law”.

At the root of the problem, he argued, was a constitution (bequeathed by Britain, Malta’s former colonial ruler) that hands vast powers to the executive, without the checks normal in a democracy. For example, only the police, who answer to political authorities, have the power to initiate investigations, “so police investigations against the government or without its consent are impossible”.

On May 7th, the Sunday Times of Malta reported that the island’s financial watchdog had told the police it had a “reasonable suspicion” that the prime minister’s right-hand man, Keith Schembri, had been involved in money-laundering. Yet the claim, which Mr Schembri denies, was not investigated, the paper said.

Does any of this matter beyond little Malta? If Mr Mifsud Bonnici is right, it does: whichever party is in office, the island could be used by dubious interests as a private back door into the EU.

The 19th Congress of Communist Party of China - Xi Xingping Speech

Democracy and Class Struggle  says the Primary Stage of Socialism is the name - the self description of Chinese Revisionists of themselves - expanding the market is not the road to socialism as we have shown in our study Marxism Against Market Socialism

The market economy will consume the socialist sector of the economy however many corrupt Tigers you hunt or foxes you trap - Bureaucratic Capitalism and the market are not opposites but twins it is not just corrupt people but the structural corruption of the market economy that undermines the struggle for socialism in China.

The talk of the Chinese Dream can only be realized by Marxism Leninism Maoism not some market hybrid of Deng Xiaoping a bastardized revision of Marxism in the 20th Century which is part of the social democratic and not the communist collectivist tradition for the last 200 years.

It was no accident that Deng Xiaoping flirted with changing the Chinese Communist Party to a social democratic party until stopped by a Party backlash.

The renewed serious study of  Mao Zedong in China is a guarantee that revisionism will be abandoned sooner rather than later in China.We agree with Xi Xingping when he says practice will drive theory - of knowing through doing - but we add the Maoist theory of knowledge - will reveal revisionism is the source of corruption.

One of our intellectual mentors Henry C K Liu stated-

The full impact of Mao's revolutionary spirit is yet to be realized on Chinese society.

A century from now Mao's high minded principles of mass politics will outshine all his neo liberal critics.

The Renewed Marxism that Xi Xingping speaks will be universal  Marxism Leninism Maoism and not just local Mao Zedong Thought which will be relegated to 20th Century history books.

The 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress will see the largest-ever turnover of military elite in the history of the People’s Republic of China

Democracy and Class Struggle says the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress will see the largest-ever turnover of military elite in the history of the People’s Republic of China

1 Security concerns

Beijing Communist Party chief Cai Qi on Wednesday asked the city for "120 percent" effort to ensure safety for the 19th Communist Party congress, the official Beijing Daily said.

"We must hold the line for social control, eliminate all destabilizing factors, hold the line for cyber security and resolutely crack down on political rumors and harmful news," Cai said spoken like a elite confucian communist.


About 83 percent of the military representatives who are full members of the 19th Central Committee will be new, assuming the military maintains the same quota of full members as it did for the 18th Central Committee. 

This would constitute the largest-ever turnover of military elite in the history of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).Most significantly, it appears that only 17 percent (7 out of 41) of military leaders with full membership on the 18th Central Committee will retain their seats.

3 What does this mean ?

Democracy and Class Struggle
have long identified that a strategic United States goal was to bring the Chinese Military more under control of China's new bourgeois class as the PLA was a source of Nationalism and new variants of Maoism - the new Party Congress seems to be achieving that aim under the guise of modernization .

This is not only reflected in military reorganization but also in the new bourgeois policy on North Korea which prioritizes bourgeois monetary trade policies and not Chinese strategic interest in North Asia while purging old comrades who uphold proletarian internationalism rather than bourgeois nationalism.

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Free Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez Catalan Political Prisoners Now !

                 GENERAL STRIKE UNTIL
           Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez 

General Barry McCaffrey Trump no longer a rational actor

Gorran calls on KRG to establish interim national government

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - In the wake of the takeover of Kirkuk by Iraqi army and Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi and the withdrawal of the dominant Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the city, the Change Movement (Gorran) in a statement calls for the dissolution of the Kurdish government institutions and the establishment of a national interim government.

“All of the authority and governing institutions should be dissolved,” urged Gorran, blaming the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of failing to administer the Region’s apparatus, which included Kirkuk, largely since 2014.

“We are calling for the establishment of a national interim government until holding a fair public election,” Gorran said in the statement.

“It should be reestablished on a healthy national basis," the statement read.

The statement also called on the authorities responsible for what happened in Kirkuk to “resign as they had announced in the media that they will take responsibility for any bad consequences of the referendum.”

It calls for an immediate withdrawal of the Iraqi armed forces which include Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi from Kirkuk city saying holding a referendum cannot justify their attack on the city and violating the achievements and national rights of the Kurds.

Gorran also urges the international community to put an end to this "destructive war" and not allow the Iraqi government to pose threats to the security of people.

Gorran which is largely seen as a major opposition party in the Kurdish political arena accuses the KDP and PUK of endangering “the people, achievements and the future of our nation” due to holding “a short-sighted referendum.”

The Change Movement blames the KDP and PUK, the two Kurdish parties possessing military forces, for any possible problems which may face the people of Kurdistan.

Iraqi forces, which include the US-trained Counter Terrorism Service and the Iranian-backed mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi, began an attack on Peshmerga-controlled areas south and west of Kirkuk on Sunday at midnight. Monday afternoon, Iraqi forces entered the city of Kirkuk and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered Iraqi forces take down the Kurdistan flag in the disputed areas and hoist only the Iraqi banner.

Iraqi forces have taken control of the K-1 military base, Baba Gurgur oil field, the governor's office, the airport, and key infrastructure and roads. 

Thousands of civilians have fled the city, heading towards Erbil and Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region.

The attack by the Iraqi forces ordered by Abadi follows weeks of punitive measures taken by Baghdad against Kurdistan in response to the September 25 independence referendum that saw 92.7 percent of people voting to leave Iraq, despite Iraqi opposition.

The Iraqi forces spearheaded by the Hashd al-Shaabi also entered Shingal downtown on Tuesday in the course of their advances on the disputed or Kurdistani territories claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad

Why didn't Kurdish Forces Fight Back the Iraqi Invasion​ of Kirkuk?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont must say clearly whether or not he declared independence last week, or he faces the suspension of Catalonia's autonomy.

Spain’s High Court has remanded two leaders of a Catalan independence organization on suspicion of sedition. 

The prosecution alleges them to be the key figures in organizing the recent independence referendum, which was deemed illegal by Madrid.

The leader of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Jordi Sanchez, and Jordi Cuixart of the Omnium Cultural group were jailed on Monday after questioning.

The two men will not be allowed to post bail and remain in custody.

The Catalan regional police chief, Maj. Josep Lluis Trapero, and colleague Lt. Teresa Laplana were also questioned on Monday, but unlike the Catalan independence activists they have avoided jail. 

The police officials, however, were forced to give up their passports and have to appear in court every two weeks.

Democracy and Class Struggle says the internal forces in Catalonia are key at this stage as CUP has indicated and they proved themselves in practice in the Referendum not relying on international support which will come later.

The People of Catalonia need leadership that will lead to independence not a bargain among the bourgeoisie - those well known profit patriots - as we have repeatedly said the working class needs to give direction to national liberation for the Catalan Republic which exists in the People.

The Trump Mad Dog Art collection hits the Streets of Seoul - South Korea - Art Against Mad Dog of War

Democracy and Class Struggle says these posters which can be found all over Seoul need no translation - seems they arrived by balloon and some arrived directly at the Blue House.

Advance on Kirkuk by South Front

Attack on Kirkuk - “a flagrant declaration of war against the nation of Kurdistan,”

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Peshmerga General Command has said in a statement that the attack on Kirkuk by the Iranian Quds-backed Iraqi forces and the mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi is “a flagrant declaration of war against the nation of Kurdistan,” and warned that the government of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi should pay a “heavy price” for initiating the conflict.

It said that the military incursion into the Peshmerga controlled areas in the oil-province of Kirkuk is in retaliation against the right of the people to vote on their fate, a reference to the Kurdish independence vote held last month that saw 92.7 percent of the people voting to leave Iraq.

The Peshmerga command also accused some of the Kurdish commanders of the ruling Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) whom it said were complicit when the Iraqi forces made rapid advances against the positions of Kurdish security forces, including an oil field and key infrastructure in the province. The PUK has denied the accusations.

It continued to say that the Iraqi forces, including the Hashd, used American weapons they received for the war against ISIS.

Following is the full text of the statement published by the Peshmerga General Command on Monday afternoon:

Beloved citizens of Kurdistan

Public opinion inside and outside Kurdistan

The Hashd al-Shaabi forces affiliated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Quds force led by Eqbalpur, in cooperation with Iraqi forces started a broad attack on Kirkuk and its surrounding areas this morning, October 16, 2017. This attack is a flagrant declaration of war against the nation of Kurdistan.

This attack, waged by the Iraqi government, Hashd al-Shaabi and forces associated with the Headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Quds force, is in retaliation against the people of Kurdistan who have asked for freedom. It is revenge against the honorable people of Kirkuk who have shown bravery. 

Unfortunately, some officials from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) helped this plot against the Kurdistan nation and committed a great and historic treason against Kurdistan and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Kurdistan under the PUK flag. These officials have left some sensitive places for the Hashd forces and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards without fighting and have abandoned Mr. Kosrat [Rasul] alone.

We declare this to every party that this attack by the Hashd and Iraqi forces was launched by American weapons, armored vehicles, tanks and other coalition weapons. These American weapons have been given to the Iraqi army and Hashd under the name of the war on ISIS. This was done at a time when the Peshmerga, also in the fight against ISIS, were not given necessary weapons to defend themselves against the terrorists. 

We hereby reassure the people of Kurdistan that Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces is defending bravely with high morale on every front despite having some impurity on the part of some officials and plots by the Iraqi government and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. We also reiterate that it is impossible for the will of the people of Kurdistan to be broken by these plots and also impossible for us to allow the enemies of the people of Kurdistan to succeed.

We call upon all the real Peshmerga of the country and the resilient and enemy-defeating people to do all they can to resist and defeat the attackers. The first person responsible for selling this war to the people of Kurdistan is Abadi’s government that should pay a heavy price for this unfairness.

General Command of Kurdistan’s Peshmerga Forces

Sun Jingxian views on Great Leap Forward Famine Deaths consistent with 7000 Cadre Conference in 1962

Democracy and Class Struggle republishes this article on background to the new research in China into the Great Leap Forward Famine particularly by the mathematician Sun Jingxian. 

Sun Jingxian work is summarised here

In fact the two line struggle over this issue is being decided in China and not by neo liberal Hayekian propagandists like Frank Dikotter but by our brothers and sisters and comrades  in China.

Even in formal evaluations of the past, the Party has been coy about publicly acknowledging the Famine.

At the time, the international scholarly community had only limited access to reliable statistical information – indeed, the first clear indication of the scale of the crisis came in the form of demographic analysis done by Ansley Coale in 1981 using newly released official statistical data.

The prevailing view at the ‘Seven Thousand Cadres’ conference, convened in January 1962 to forge a consensus within the Party about the Great Leap Forward, was that there had been serious agricultural problems and even some deaths from malnutrition in isolated districts; these problems and deaths had been caused primarily by natural disasters, and were aggravated by counter-revolutionary forces within certain local governments.

The 1981 Central Committee ‘Resolution on Party history’ revised this view to describe the period 1959-1961 as one in which ‘the national economy suffered serious difficulties, and both the nation and the people suffered major setbacks’.

Emboldened by the critical stance taken by the Party in the early Reform era in regard to the social and economic problems of the Mao era, the State Statistical Bureau (SSB) released previously data that indicated that a demographic crisis had occurred in China in the late 1950s.

Relying on the newly released data, including annual crude mortality figures and the detailed results of the first three population censuses conducted in the PRC, several groups of demographers concluded that around twenty-seven to thirty million people had died of famine-related causes between 1957 and 1962.

From the mid-1990s, a number of historians and journalists drew on the results of internal party investigations or archival sources not endorsed by the SSB to claim the death toll was considerably higher.

The most influential of these was Yang Jisheng who, in his two-volume chronicle of the famine published in 2008, Tombstone endorsed a figure of thirty-six million deaths.

In 2013-2014, the intervention of the Mass Line Education and Practice Campaign in famine research seems to have been set on raising doubts about the accuracy of all of these estimates, with a focus on the work of Yang in particular.

The intervention started with an article by Sun Jingxian a mathematics professor from Jiangsu Normal University, which appeared on 23 August 2013 in the Chinese Social Sciences Weekly produced by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

The timing of the article was significant, coming four days after Xi Jinping convened an internal Party conference to establish the Ideological Work agenda of his administration.

As the China Media Project investigative journalist and media analyst Qian Gang has pointed out, this was a peculiar week in PRC media history: while the General Political Department of the PLA and the Central Propaganda Bureau strongly promoted an interpretation of Xi’s speech that emphasised the need for ‘positive propaganda and public opinion struggle’ the tone of the official summary of the speech reported in the People’s Daily was far milder.

The tone and content of Sun’s article fits squarely within the Central Department of Propaganda’s interpretation of Xi’s speech.

In the opening line of his article, Sun characterised the view that ‘thirty million people starved to death during the Three Difficult Years’ as being nothing more than a ‘massive rumour’  one disseminated by Yang Jisheng as well as the likes of Cao Shuji , Jin Hui  Ding Shu and Wang Weizhi scholars and others who had produced the estimates of famine mortality that Yang Jisheng considered credible.

Sun argued that claims that there had been thirty million or more famine-related deaths in the Great Leap Forward era were based on statistical fallacies.

According to Sun, China’s household registration data had been skewed by large-scale rural-to-urban migration during the Great Leap Forward and the subsequent repatriation of tens of millions of registered urban residents to the countryside.

This gave rise to the appearance of mass population loss during those years, whereas in fact the missing people were alive and well and were gradually reintegrated within the household population registers.

Sun concluded that in a ‘very few’ districts, such as Xinyang prefecture, fewer than 2.5 million people in total had died of ‘nutritional deaths’.

The latter term was a broad morbidity class which included deaths caused by edema and other nutrition-related illnesses as well as a small number of deaths caused directly by starvation.

He said he used several different methods of statistical analysis to verify his conclusions.

His conclusion is,  consistent with the evaluation of the Great Leap Forward that was determined and on party history at the Seven Thousand Cadres conference of 1962.

He had fully elaborated his argument about the effect of migration on the data two years previously in a piece published in Studies in Marxism a journal also published by CASS.

In this earlier work Sun had taken aim not at Yang Jisheng but rather at Jiang Zhenghua  a cyberneticist-turned-demographer who, supported by a national research grant, estimated that the Great Famine had caused seventeen million excess deaths, the lowest of the serious estimates of famine mortality.

Even though Yang was not mentioned in the 2011 article, he responded to it in great detail on his blog.

What was remarkable about Sun’s more recent article was that the editorial committee of a major official publication had sanctioned the use of the term ‘grand rumour’ to characterise new research on the famine.

Sun had used the term ‘grand rumour’ in this way before, at a public forum in 2009 hosted by the neo-Maoist online publisher ‘Utopia’ on the ‘True Face of Population Change in the 1960s’.

But for such an expression to appear in the Chinese Social Sciences Weekly indicated a high-level of official endorsement.

With this official stamp of approval, Sun was able to publish an opinion piece in the Global Times on 5 September 2013, and a second article in the Chinese Social Sciences Weekly  four days later that listed ten errors he claimed to have found in Yang Jisheng’s Tombstone.

Over the following months, he elaborated on various aspects of his population research in a string of articles that appeared in journals managed by the Party’s Central Department of Propaganda, including Red Flag Manuscripts and The Observer

Sun’s thesis was also the focal point of a book by an independent scholar affiliated with ‘Utopia’ named Yang Songlin  published in August 2013 (though not approved for distribution through retail book stores), and of a collection of papers attacking various ‘rumours’ about party history that appeared in December 2013.

The editors of the latter collection were Li Shenming  head of the Institute of World Socialism  at CASS, the home of the journal Studies in Marxism, and Li Jie  head of the Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies  both of whom at the time were serving vice-presidents of CASS.


Catalonia refuses to make clear if it will declare independence from Spain

Democracy and Class Struggle says hesitation is a hallmark of bourgeois leadership of national liberation struggles - time for the working class to take direction of the national struggle in Catalonia.

The anti-capitalist CUP formation said that last October 10 "missed a great opportunity", and defends that, in the face of the impossibility of finding international support, it should be taken into account the more than two million people who voted in the referendum of 1 of October.

"Those who defended their schools against the violence that displayed military and police occupation and those who were beaten, injured, humiliated and frightened by the National Police and the Civil Guard," says the CUP, "are already Republic." 

That is why its militants ask the President to respond to the call of Rajoy with the unequivocal will of the Catalans and Catalans.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Iberia - Changing Times - Birth of the Catalan Republic in 2017

                                                       Borders always change

Sun Jingxian exposes anti Mao anti Communist lies about Great Leap Forward death toll but David Harvey still repeats them

Democracy and Class Struggle is republishing an article by Sun Jingxian of Jiangsu Normal University as we have recently heard a Marxist scholar like David Harvey repeat the anti communist and anti Mao lies about the death toll in the Great Leap Forward.

We expect such nonsense from our enemies but not our friends.

Democracy and Class Struggle on the 40th Anniversary of Chairman Mao Zedong's death pubished an  important document published in 2013 by Sun Jingxian of  Jiangsu Normal University translated into English which challenges the dominant Western anti Mao narrative on the Great Leap Forward death toll, it was translated by Miss Dawn Chenyang Li.

For those who want a more detailed analysis of Sun Jingxian's pathbreaking work than the summary presented below visit here :

 来源:《中国社会科学报》2013年8月23日 第492期
“30 million people starving to death” is not true

By Sun Jingxian
Source: Chinese Social Science News, 23 Aug 2013, Issue 492

[Summary] From today’s perspective, in those 3 years when 2.5 million people perished due to “nutrition-related deaths”, it’s a natural disaster as well as a human failing. We should certainly learn the lesson of history. However, to partially and groundlessly exaggerate the number of deaths is not a scientific approach, and cannot contribute to learning from historical experiences in order to march ahead more determinedly today.


In the last 30 years or so, in both China and abroad the great lie of “30 million people starving to death” during the Three Year Famine Period managed to spread widely. Some people see this statement as a “historical fact”, and it has been written into many professional books and documents, spreading across the entire society. But what is the actual truth of this matter?

1983年,国家统计局公布了1949—1982年我国每年的户籍统计人口数据。这一数据显示我国三年困难时期出现了人口统计数字大幅度减少的情况,其表现为1960—1964年间我国人口总数在扣除了人口自然增长(由人口出生和死亡产生的增长)后异常减少了2644万人,其中最突出的是1960年比1959年净减1000万人。 这一时期我国人口统计数据产生这一大幅度减少的真实原因长期以来一直没有搞清楚。一些人就把我国人口统计数据的这一大量异常减少解释为是由三千万以上的人非正常死亡造成的,这样就出现了“饿死三千万”的说法。

In 1983, the National Statistics Bureau published the annual population data of our country from 1949 to 1982. This data shows that during the Three Year Famine Period, the population figure decreased dramatically. More specifically during 1960-1964, apart from the natural growth of population (due to natural births and deaths), the total population abnormally decreased by 26.44 million people, and most dramatically the population in 1960 was less than the figure in 1959 by a net value of 10 million. The real reason for this significant decrease in the population statistical data has not been clarified for a long time. Therefore some people assert that it was due to the abnormal death of over 30 million people. This is how the idea of “30 million people starving to death” came about.


In order to show how ridiculous the idea of “30 million people starving to death” is, one must correctly analyse the real reason for the dramatic decrease in population figures during this period. Starting from the second half of 2010, I have used three entire years to systematically research into this issue, and I have reached the following conclusions.


First Conclusion: Before the end of 1959, due to the needs of industrial development and the Great Leap Forward movement, in our country there was a huge migration of people from rural to urban areas. At least over 30 million people moved from the countryside into cities and towns. During this process there was a duplication or erroneous reporting of population figures by 11.62 million, which means that even though these people already migrated to urban regions and registered on the urban hukou [hukou = China’s household registration system – translator] system, but they did not delete themselves from their original rural hukou. (That is to say, they were registered on the urban and rural systems at the same time)

第二个基本结论:在1959年以前,由于户籍管理制度不健全,在我国(主要是广大农村地区)存在着较为严重的死亡漏报现象。根据1953年和1957年两次抽样调查的结果,可以估计出我国这一期间产生的死亡漏报人口约为750万,即有750万人在1959年以前已经死亡,但没有进行死亡登记注销户籍。 由于以上两方面原因,造成我国1959年底的户籍统计人口总数中,存在着应注销户籍人口1912万,占当时全国人口总数的2.84%。 山东省的情况证实了上述结论。山东省在1959年底进行了一次农村人口普查,发现全省存在应注销户籍人口152万人。如果按照山东省的比例,全国存在的应注销户籍人口数应为1890万。这与我们研究得到的数字(1912万)是非常接近的。这一事实证明了我们的研究结论是符合实际的。

Second Conclusion: Before 1959, due to flaws in the hukou management system, in our country (especially in the vast rural regions) there existed a severe problem of not reporting deaths. According to data from 1953 and 1957, one can estimate that during this period around 7.5 million deaths were not registered, that is to say, around 7.5 million people already died before 1959 but their hukou registers were not deleted. Due to both of these errors, at the end of 1959 there were 19.12 million hukou registers that should have been deleted, this was around 2.84% of the entire national population at the time. The specific situation in Shandong Province proves this conclusion. A general population censor was carried out in Shandong Province at the end of 1959, and it was discovered that there were 1.52 million people whose hukou registers should have been deleted. Extrapolating according to the ratio of the population of Shandong Province to the national population, it implies that the number of people who should have been removed from the hukou registers was around 18.90 million. This is very close to the figure of 19.12 million which was reached through our research. This fact proves that our research conclusions do correspond with the actual reality.


Third Conclusion: Around 1960 China carried out the work specified in the “Hukou Registration Legislation”, and in 1964 the second general national population censor was carried out. The duplicate and erroneous 19.12 million hukou registers were removed during these two instances of population data work.


Fourth Conclusion: Because our national economy experienced very severe problems during this period, from 1960 to 1963 a large scale movement to streamline the urban population was carried out. Over 30 million urban people were streamlined and went back to the countryside. During this process however 14.82 million people did not have their hukou registers changed properly. These people’s urban hukou were deleted, but they did not promptly register their new rural hukou, and therefore became people who were not registered on the hukou system. (They all re-registered their hukou during the later period of 1965-1979)


Due to the factors described in Conclusions 3 and 4, during 1960-1964 China’s population figure (apart from natural growths) seems to have decreased by 33.94 million. (Due to 11.62 million duplicate and erroneous hukou registers being removed, 7.5 million deaths that were originally not reported being registered, and 14.82 million people who failed to register their new hukou) This is the real reason for the seemingly huge decrease in China’s population figure at this time. All of these decreases are due to decreases in the statistical data, but they do not correspond to a decrease in the actual population. These decreases have no relation to the actual change in our country’s population, let alone due to millions of unnatural deaths.

以上事实充分证明,国内外一些人把这一减少解释为是由三年困难时期“饿死三千万”造成的,是完全错误的。 在“饿死三千万”这一说法的传播过程中,以科尔教授为代表的国外一些学者的研究、国内某课题组的专门研究,以及杨继绳、金辉、曹树基、丁抒等人的所谓研究起了极为重要的作用。其中杨继绳等人所谓研究的实质就是把由于各种复杂原因造成的我国(或各个地区)三年困难时期人口统计数据的减少,全部解释为是由人口非正常死亡造成的。 我们从学术的角度对上述所有这些研究逐一进行了分析,发现这些研究都存在着重大的学术错误,因此他们的观点都是不能成立的。

The facts described above demonstrate that it is completely wrong for some people both within China and abroad to explain this population decrease as due to “30 million people starving to death” during the Three Year Famine Period. During the process in which the idea of “30 million people starving to death” spread widely, the research represented by foreign academics such as Professor Kohl and also by Chinese academics in special research groups including people like Yang Jisheng, Jin Hui, Cao Shuji and Ding Yu had a very strong impact.

More specifically the so-called “research” by people like Yang Jisheng reached the conclusion that the huge decrease in China’s population statistical figures during this period, which is actually due to various very complex reasons, can be completely explained by the abnormal deaths of huge numbers of people. From a scientific and academic perspective we have analysed these claims, and found that all of these so-called “research” possessed huge methodological flaws, and therefore none of their conclusions can be considered true.

三年困难时期,我国一些地区确实出现了“营养性死亡”现象,并且在以河南省信阳专区为代表的极少数地区,这种问题还非常严重。我们利用几种不同的方法对三年困难时期我国的“营养性死亡”人数进行了估算,估计出这一时期的“营养性死亡”人数在250万以下。 这里所说的“营养性死亡”主要指的是营养性疾病(浮肿病等)死亡、营养性疾病合并其他疾病死亡,也包括“完全性饥饿死亡”(即“饿死”)。

During the Three Year Famine Period, there were indeed some “nutrition-related deaths” in some regions of China, and in very few areas such as the Xinyang Special District in Henan Province, such issues were especially severe. Through various methods we have estimated the number of “nutrition-related deaths” during this period, and this figure would be no more than 2.5 million. “Nutrition-related deaths” as described here would include deaths either partially or completely due to diseases caused by the lack of food, as well as people literally starving to death.

在上述“营养性死亡”的数字中,“饿死”(完全性饥饿死亡)只是其中的一小部分。 在研究中,我们专门查证了我国这一时期死亡率最高的600多个县的地方志和其他大量资料,查证的结果证实了我们的这一估算是比较符合实际的。 站在今天的角度看,那三年间出现250万人“营养性死亡”,既是天灾,也是人祸,历史的教训值得深刻汲取;但是,片面地、无端地夸大非正常死亡人数,并不是严谨的学风,更无助于正确地总结历史的经验教训,坚定今日的前行方向。

It is also the case that among the “nutrition-related deaths” described here, people literally starving to death only constitutes a small minority. In our research, we specifically looked into massive amounts of official documents in over 600 counties in which the death rate during this period was the highest, and our results has generally verified our estimated figures. From today’s perspective, one should say that 2.5 million “nutrition-related deaths” during those three years were the result of both “natural disasters” and “human failings”, and there are indeed historical lessons to be learned here. However, to partially and groundlessly exaggerate the number of deaths is not a scientific approach, and cannot contribute to learning from historical experiences in order to march ahead more determinedly today.

(The Author is a Professor at Jiangsu Normal University)


Dispute over the Great Leap Forward by Mobo Gao (Extract from Why the Battle for China'a Past is Relevant)

I will deal with an issue that is arguably most damaging to the Mao legacy, the starvation caused by the Great Leap Forward. In my case study of Gao Village I have made it clear that though not even one person died from starvation in the village, there was obvious shortage of food and obvious hunger.

There is no doubt that there was a famine during 1959 and 1960, but there are controversies on the origin, cause and effect of the Great Leap Forward policies.

It is generally assumed that many people would have lived longer without the famine and many would have been born had there not been the famine.

However, in what way and to what extent China’s population growth was affected by the Great Leap Forward is being hotly debated even today.

China’s official population statistics published in the early 1980s seem to show that there was a population decline in that period, instead of growth on the basis of normal death and birth rates, and that this was in the range of several to tens of millions of people.

But the Chinese official statistics are based on data collected on household registration. There can be errors and fraud in household registration during the period for two important reasons.

First, the data could not be complete and could be erroneous because the household registration system (hukou) was yet in the process of being established and it would take years to make it work properly.

Secondly, the Great Leap Forward policies involved huge internal migration, first from rural to urban areas, as industrialization was expanding, and then from urban to rural areas as industrialization was contracting in the face of shortages  of grain and failure of some foolish policies such as backyard iron and steel manufacturing. 

During these years households might have failed to register when they moved back to rural areas (Sun 2014). Because the population base of China is so huge that a tiny percentage of non-registration means large absolute numbers.

The exact death toll of the Great Leap Forward could never be established because there were no comprehensive records.

All proposed numbers are guesses  based on assumptions and different methods (Yang 2013). However, what is clear is that the more one is anti-Mao, anti-socialist China, and anti-communist the higher the number one is likely to propose or to accept.

It is also worth remembering that in recent centuries the Chinese have been haunted by hunger and starvation. As foreign correspondents, missionaries and travellers witnessed before the establishment of the PRC, China was constantly devastated by natural disasters and starvation on a large scale which sometimes  claimed millions of lives.

The large-scale famine which took place during 1959 and 1960 was the first, last and only one in the whole history of the Mao era and the whole history of the PRC.

This cannot be just luck or accident. It was the result of decades of hard work that built a solid infrastructure of irrigation and management of rivers and lakes by massive manpower mobilized  by Mao’s campaign as well agricultural technological breakthroughs that are mentioned in the above text.